Adult Week from hell.... still going strong

Ok.. so last I leave here all smiling still and shit when the worst cold attacks me this past Sunday.  Im sick.. No doubt about it and I feel like fucking ass..  So hell week here goes..  Broken windshield from dumptruck, Monday.   Fender bender, (not my fault) Tuesday, an ER visit, bronchitis, Wednesday.. Today, well it's not over yet.. But all I can say is, I am still sick..heading to work tomorrow and hopefully all the excitement is behind me...  No chance at recording anything for quite sometime...  But I have you guys...  Hello!  *smiles*

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Comments (3)

  1. pets

    I hope you feel much better get your rest

    February 05, 2016
  2. iamraven

    Getting better thanks… Hope you’re ok too!! Shingles is no joke.. And bronchitis is no picnic either… Cheers to good health.. swigs her cough syrup

    February 06, 2016