I See Your Smile - Cover (Original by Gloria Estefan)

Gloria Estefan has recorded some amazing songs and this is by far one of her very best.  Written and sung by the lady herself, this beautiful Pop-Latin ballad was released in 1993 and hit#3 on U.S. charts.  It was part of her first compilation album "Gloria Estefan Greatest Hits."  The music video stars Andy Garcia.  I recorded this track in one take based on memory.  Listening back, I was toying with the idea of recording it again since I feel I missed one very poignant element in the song.  Upon the entry of the second stanza in verse two, "Tell me, if I made...", the original adds a strong emotional, cry-out of the words "tell me" and I really feel that was a significant miss on my part.  I have plans to redo this one in the future, but for now, it remains..  Do enjoy!

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